The 4 Hour Book

Yes, it is what it says. You can have a book that you author in 4 hours of your time.

Do you know what Joel Olsteen, Suze Orman and Stephen Covey all have in common? If you answered that they all have a book showcasing their expertise you are right.

In today’s world there are so many people out there in business it is sometimes hard to distinguish yourself. People have literally hundreds of choices and you need to have a unique way to position yourself as the preferred expert.

Having a book with your ideas and thoughts to hand out as a calling card can easily position you as an expert in your field. This is much easier than it sounds. Writing a book by yourself is a big time commitment and tedious work.

Kathy can do the hard work for you with a ghostwritten book. With this service she interviews you, writes the book, has it professionally edited and published. Your expert status book is then ready for you to hand out to the next prospective customer. All of this with just four hours of your time.

Kathy has published her own expert book Easy B2B Headlines and Publishing With Kindle in addition to writing other fiction books. More than 13,000 copies of her fiction books were downloaded in the fourth quarter of 2012. She has also taught and consulted with other authors through their fiction and non-fiction publishing process.Achieve your dreams.
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